Novi Sad JavaScript community

NS JS hosts regular meetups, workshops and events on a variety of different JavaScript topics.

About Novi Sad JS

Novi Sad JS is a local JavaScript community that brings together people that love everything about JavaScript: sharing knowledge, learning about new features and technologies, and mostly having fun and socializing. The organization currently has over 500 members, and that number is constantly rising.

The organization was founded in June 2018, with a goal to connect people and to spread knowledge throughout community in Novi Sad and its surrounding cities.

Novi Sad JS is currently organizing NS JS Meetups and is planning to organize free workshops for all knowledge levels. Novi Sad JS would also like to organize other similar events, besides meetups and workshops, like mob programming nights, panel discussions and unconferences.

Companies that support NS JS:

Novi Sad JS wouldn't be as great as it is without people and companies that stand by our side and support us in what we do.

Novi Sad JS events are free and non-profit. All NS JS team members are doing their work on a voluntary basis.

If you're interested in helping us in any way, you can contact us at

Jobs comming soon!

Your next hire could be here! If you're interested in having your job offer here, contact Novi Sad JS at, or join #jobs channel on Novi Sad JS Slack.

Friends of Novi Sad JS

Novi Sad JS would not make it without it's friends. Being friends with Novi Sad JS means colaborating, exchanging experiences, and making awesome events happen. Big thanks to them for the support and being there ❤️.